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EAGALA is the leading association offering a fully-developed, professionally endorsed treatment model for mental health professionals practicing equine-assisted psychotherapy.

The EAGALA Model stands alone in the world of equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development because of the model's standards, code of ethics, continuing education requirements, replicable framework, and team approach.

Under the EAGALA Model, both a registered, credentialed Mental Health Professional and a certified Equine Specialist work together collaboratively at all times to assure clients get the therapeutic attention and support they need

as they make life changes.


Equine assisted learning is unlike any other form of leadership training. By their nature, horses seek out confident, trustworthy leaders and provide a direct reflection of our feelings and actions. Over time, work teams naturally lose sight of their behaviors and patterns, failing to give each other the honest feedback necessary to improve.

Horses understand that every interaction is a form of communication.


Confident communication and clear direction is at the core of strong leadership. Being present and aware of how you convey direction and tone before and after speaking is key to driving results. We look to horses as aids in developing these skills as they rely on their innate sensory skills and observation to dictate their actions with each other as well as with us.


When leaders and teams work together with horses to accomplish something; it’s actual, embodied skills practice. Beyond traditionally leadership practices, we explore the emotional intelligence necessary to lead. We will refine the skills and behaviors that produce planned results not just with horses, but with people as well. Accomplishing this with animals allows us a tangible, working expression of the skills we will need to take back to the office.


When your session is complete, you will go home with the proper tools and follow up exercises to assure that what you have learned with our coaches is carried out at work.

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