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My granddaughter takes lessons at Faith Hill Farm. She absolutely loves it there. She has learnt so much in the few months she has been going. This is truly a great place to learn. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. - Richard 6.5.17

First started riding here when I was 11 Pam taught me everything I needed to know about riding, horsemanship, and how you can really connect with a horse. After I moved away I realized this was probably the best barn I will ever go to. Pam and Faith Hill Farm are truly unique and special and I don't think I can find that anywhere else. - Claudine 2.7.15

We are so lucky to have found you and become a part of this awesome family. We have always felt so welcome...we live in Richmond, where there is a farm around EVERY corner. But for whatever reason we were guided to Faith Hill and I am so glad we did. She had found her "thing" and we are so grateful for all of the encouragement, learning, and skill that she has gained since. 
So i truly mean it when I say Faith Hill Farm is 5 stars, worth every extra minute spent on the ride and how wonderful we think you all are!! - Melissa 2.25.17

Pam and all the staff and kids at Faith Hill Farm have been amazing the past few years. I work with kids who have special needs. Faith Hill Farm put together a program for our kids to support them, teach some responsibility, teach about horses, and get the kids to feel comfortable and reach their greatest potentials. The staff are kind, compassionate and know when to push and when not to push the kids to do more. They are also always open to new ideas and constructive criticism. It is enjoyable for the kids, their families and their staff. Thank you, Faith Hill Farm!

- Jamie 8.12.15


Olivia & Viktor, FEI Pony National Championship 2018, Wayne, IL 


Peyton, Lily and Pam


Ciara & Mac
Courtney King Dye Clinic

August 2018


Maddie and Libby in the fields at FHF!

Olivia & Frankie, D4K at HITS 2016


Emily & Uloma Courtney King Dye Clinic at FHF August 2018


Dorothy and Priceless
July 2018


Lexi and Springkles 
Tri-State Dressage
July 2018

Zach and Bentley

Tri-State Dressage 2017

Quentin and Ellie with Coach Pam
MVHC 3-Phase Fall 2017


Regan and Monty "Monts"
July 2018

Jim and Stirling
MVHC 3-Phase Fall 2017

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