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The Faith Hill Farm Foundation is the result of decades of expertise, passion, and community investment. Founded in March 2017, the Foundation promotes equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning by using the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model. 


Over the years, Pam and her staff have offered their expertise and their ethical standards to help their community grow, heal, and learn. In 2017, Pam decided to expand her reach and lead even more individuals toward emotional wellbeing by creating purposeful connections with horses. This is when she decided to establish the Faith Hill Farm Foundation, an nonprofit organization that seeks to change lives through meaningful and intentional interactions with horses. As an EAGALA certified trainer, Pam gives children, teenagers, and adults the tools they need to overcome their struggles by working with horses, large and small.

FHF Foundation's team is comprised of experienced, kind, compassionate, individuals hand selected by Pam Maloof and certified by Eagala as Equine Specists. We have hosted a number of Eagala Trainings and Eagala type workshops, as well as team building group work. 


The Foundation is proud to partner with various organizations in Rhode Island and the New England region. In June 2017, together with Saint Mary’s Home for Children, the Foundation launched an innovative program meant to begin healing processes for individuals who have dealt with psychological and emotional adversity. This program continues to grow and to allow more

and more people the opportunity to care for their mental health.

FHF Foundation has worked with and holds partnerships with St. Mary's Home for Children, The Briggs School, Harmony Hill School, Shine the Light Healing and Wellness, Town of East Greenwich Parks and Recreation, Hope Hospice, RICBT and Adopt RI. 

In addition to our many larger horses, the Foundation has also adopted two mini ponies (Cookie and Teddy). They have been charitable champions since they finished their training at the farm and they spend their time visiting the elderly in nursing homes and connecting with many people throughout Rhode Island.


The Faith Hill Farm Foundation exists to support its community and could not do so without the support of its many kind donors and sponsors. Every gift made to the Foundation goes directly toward the Foundation’s programs and the Foundation’s care of the farm’s horses. We are grateful for your generosity and we encourage you to support our work via the PayPal button below.


Faith Hill Farm Foundation is a 501C3 charitable nonprofit organization and that your donation is tax deductible.


Faith Hill Farm Foundation Board Memebers:
David Steere
Fonnie Soderstrom
Laura Gammell

Pam Maloof



Want to meet the FHF Foundation Mini Therapy Ponies? 

Stay tuned to hear about where they will be heading next!


Sprinkles and Bosco in a group session

Piggie Tail of FHFF rescued Mr. Piggles


Teddy and Cookie, FHF Foundation Therapy Mini Ponies


Our Summer Campers play a special role in our work through the FHF Foundation!  Each camper took special care in creating a letter to be sent to a local nursing home.  These are sure to brighten someones day!  Here are a few of our favorites:

FHF Foundation Fosters Civic Minded Young Riders
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